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'Within days of taking the medicine I began to sleep better and feel better generally'. CB April 2020 UK


I’m Becca Scott of Healing Space.

I have a special interest in Women's Health and particularly gynecological issues such as period pain and flooding, PMS, PCOS, Endometriosis, Lichen Sclerosus, Vulvodynia, VIN and their effect on Fertility issues. Many of my clients also have thyroid or hormone problems and/or stress that aggravates their symptoms.

Personally having a diagnosis of Lichen Sclerosus, Crohnes disease and Hashimotos Thyroiditis means I understand how difficult living with these issues can be on a physical and mental basis.

I use Homeopathy to resolve my symptoms and have lasting remission.

I help men, women and children all over the world get long lasting relief from their symptoms by addressing the root causes of their illness.

Often, the onset of symptoms can occur after a stress or trauma of some kind. I use a multi-faceted approach addressing possible trauma, hormone issues, toxicity, emotional and physical symptoms to bring about lasting results. Sometimes, such as in my case, something like having a baby or doing your school exams can trigger symptoms to start.

I offer a free 15 mins consultation to discuss what I can do to support you.

I see clients online for homeopathy and guided facial reflexology consultations.

I am operating a waiting list for face to face reflexology clients post lockdown. Contact me to be added to the waiting list and I will make you aware of when I am seeing face to face clients again.

Typically people come to see me with symptoms of:

Menstrual issues affecting their life and fertility
Secondary Infertility
Lichen Sclerosus and other vulval and vaginal issues
Thyroid and Fatigues issues
Autoimmune Diseases
Menopause problems
Stress and anxiety
Pregnancy related ailments such as back problems, morning sickness, Symphysis Pubis Pain, Pelvic Girdle Pain
Post natal problems in the women and child

I offer:

  • General Reflexology and Homeopathy for common ailments and relaxation including;

  • Aromareflexology (a deeply relaxing Reflexology session using aromatherapy essential oils and
  • Virtual Facial Reflexology (a waiting list is in operation for post lockdown face to face appointments).

  • Fertility Homeopathy and Reflexology (also known as ‘Reproflexology or Reproductive Reflexology)' see Fertility Support

  • Maternity/Pregnancy Reflexology and Homeopathy at all stages of pregnancy from the first few weeks. See Pregnancy Support

  • A tissue salts pregnancy support programme. See Pregnancy Support

  • Priming for Labour - from 40 weeks of pregnancy to prepare and encourage the body for labour. See Pregnancy Support

  • 1:1 online Health and Skincare consultations and fantastic health and natural skincare products via my online shop here.

    I offer a free 15 mins consultation to discuss what I can do to support you.

    I been a homeopath for over 10 years and a reflexologist for over 20 years. I enjoy working with women and couples helping them achieve better health and wellbeing,

    I qualified with a BSc (Hons) 2:1 in Homeopathy in 2009 from Thames Valley University and carried out a 1 year Practitioner Training at the Philip Salmon School of Reflexology (accredited by the Association of Reflexologists) in 2001. I carried out additional training in Maternity Reflexology with Suzanne Enzer in 2006. I am also trained in Reproflexology with Barbara Scott to support Fertility problems. I am a founding member of Everything Baby Berkshire a fantastic support group for families.

    I work online internationally and when we are not in lockdown I have a calm and tranquil complementary therapy room in Caversham, Reading, close to Reading town centre, Henley, Sonning Common and Emmer Green.

    I look forward to meeting you soon!


  • Check out my blog!

    Hello from Lockdown

    I don't know about you but I'm finding lockdown a rollercoaster of emotions! Its wonderful to spend time with the family (on the whole - managing 5 kids in the house can be challenging, and they never stop eating), but I'm finding not working like I was and seeing clients really frustrating. I am doing remote homeopathic consultations but I miss face to face (well hand on foot) work. I know it could be far far worse so I’m not complaining mind. Read more here


    'It's like a new vagina! Itching once in a great while, pink almost back, clit is back to normal. Its been really bad for 6 years, had sex 2-3 times a year, now its 2-3 times per week. Sleeping 8 hrs rather than 20, and I've lost 35 pounds. You are a miracle worker' SW, USA 2020

    'I just wanted to let you know that after only 2 of the itch blend pills yesterday, I had a mostly itch free night last night!' KL, Australia 2020

    'Within days of taking the medicine I began to sleep better and feel better generally'. CB April 2020

    'I’ve been having reflexology for the past 13 years. I’ve always enjoyed the benefits of Reflexology and seen over 30 different therapists over the years and Becca, is by far the most talented, skilled, professional and gifted Reflexologist bar none and I’ve been to top practitioners in some of the top Spas in and out of the UK. Becca is one of a kind and in the years that I’ve had Reflexology, her treatments are by far the very best and Becca strikes me as an expert in her field.

    Not only is Becca highly skilled, she also offers an extremely calming and tranquil environment in which you can completely unwind and relax. I have also used Beccas skills when it comes to Homeopathy and was totally blown away by the results for Pelvic Girdle and Acid reflux during pregnancy, I had tried everything and after two days of using Beccas remedies I had relief. I honestly could not recommend Becca enough, not only is she the consummate professional and mastered her art, she is also welcoming, calming and puts you at ease'. TH, Jan 2019

    'I had reflexology with Rebecca whilst in my third trimester of pregnancy and after having my baby-I found the treatments so lovely and relaxing. It helped improve mild SPD that I was suffering towards the end of pregnancy too so I would highly recommend!' JT, Jan 2019

    About Me!

    In a previous life I worked for Marks and Spencer as a Product Development Technologist, which I found incredibly stressful. To help with this stress and the Inflammatory Bowel disease I have, I saw a reflexologist thankfully provided through Occupational Health. I thought it was wonderful and so went on to do a years training as a reflexologist with the Philip Salmon School of Reflexology in 2001. This was an accredited course by the Association of Reflexologists who are also now my registering body.

    I discovered Homeopathy to help me recover emotionally after the birth of my first child. I prefer to explore complementary therapy options before seeking conventional medicine. So when my son developed eczema as a very young baby he also saw the homeopath and I was amazed at the very quick transformation in his skin after a couple of remedies. At this point I could no longer dismiss homeopathy as the placebo effect. The more I used homeopathy for his baby ailments, the more I was hooked. I then did a homeopathy at home course with my homeopath and quickly enrolled on a 4 year BSc Homeopathy degree at Thames Valley University. I qualified with a 2:1 in 2009. I am registered with the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths.

    I love supporting women with their health issues. As I have IBD, Hashimotos, Lichen Sclerosus myself and have a experienced Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I understand what support you might need if you have autoimmune disesases. I especially love being able to support clients with fertility and menstrual issues, then on through their pregnancies before treating those babies and children.

    I am also mum to two wonderful teenage boys, a toddler girl, 2 'step' children, three rescue cats, some rescue chickens and an anti-social hamster. Life is busy but incredibly rewarding!

    Best wishes


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