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General Homeopathy and Homeobotanicals

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy means ‘treating like with like’ and is a complementary therapy used widely around the world. Homeopathy treats each persons unique symptoms rather than the disease with the aim of stimulating the bodies own natural healing ability. Symptoms are a sign that the body is out of balance. A homeopath selects the most appropriate medicine based on these specific symptoms (from a physical and emotional perspective) and personal level of health. For example two people with the same symptoms may be given different homeopathic remedies as their experience of these symptoms may be very different.

Homeopathy is based on the principle that you can treat ‘like with like’, that is, a substance which causes symptoms when taken in large doses, can be used in small amounts to treat similar symptoms. For example, drinking too much coffee can cause sleeplessness and agitation, so according to this principle, when made into a homeopathic medicine, it could be used to treat people with these symptoms. This concept is sometimes used in conventional medicine, for example, the stimulant Ritalin is used to treat patients with ADHD, or small doses of allergens such as pollen are sometimes used to de-sensitise allergic patients.

What are Homeopathic remedies made from?

Homeopathic remedies predominantly come from natural substances such as plants and minerals. They are not the same as herbal remedies because they have been diluted and succussed (vigorously shaken) in order to create a ‘potentised’ remedy. This method of creating remedies was developed by a German doctor called Samuel Hahnemann in 1796. Hahnemann observed that potentisation made the medicines more effective and reduced the likelihood of unwanted effects. Each new homeopathic medicine undergoes a particular process called a ‘proving’. Volunteers or ‘provers’ take the new substance until they experience symptoms. All symptoms that result from taking the substance are recorded in detail. In this way a huge variety of natural substances are tested for their healing and curative properties and can be added to the homeopathic pharmacy. Unlike orthodox drugs, homeopathic medicines are not tested on animals.

Homeopathic remedies, properly prescribed by a professional homeopath are safe and can be given to the elderly, pregnant women, babies and children [1].

Patients often feel a sense of wellbeing, optimism and relaxation after taking their homeopathic medicine. The speed with which you feel relief will depend on the condition being treated. In acute ailments, this can be very fast indeed. In more chronic conditions, your recovery rate will depend on the nature and duration of the illness and on your individual vitality.

[1] Dantas, F., Rampes, H. Do homeopathic remedies provoke adverse effects? A systematic review. Br Homeopathic Jnl 2000;89: pp.35-38


Homeobotanicals are natural, organic liquid herbal combinations that have been successed and diluted in the homeopathic manner to promote health and wellness. They are safe and effective.

What happens in a consultation?

I have a treatment room at home in Caversham, Reading. A full case history is taken, looking at symptoms from a physical and emotional state. The consultation can last up to 90mins. An individualised remedy is given either at the end of the consultation, or if more thought is required to differentiate the remedy then this will be sent to you. Acute consultations are available for coughs, colds etc.

How often do I need to see a homeopath?

This very much depends on what you are seeing a homeopath for. On average, a follow up is required 6 weeks after the initial consultation. But Becca is available between appointments for support via telephone or email. The frequency of appointments will be discussed and agreed at the end of the consultation.

Research into the effectiveness of Homeopathy

Further information into the evidence for the effectiveness of homeopathy can be found on the following websites:

Homeopathy Research Institute
Faculty of Homeopaths
Alliance of Registered Homeopaths

Home visits and Skype appointments are available.

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Disclaimer: Complementary therapies should not be used instead of medical advice. If you have concerning symptoms these should be discussed with your health care provider in the first instance.

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